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N  Town 

History, Architecture & Secrets of a River City
Downtown | StL




Vendettas, Murder & Mayhem
Old-Town Soulard | StL



Architecture & Storied Personalities 
Lafayette Neighborhood | StL


Something more than a boring old Arch tour.  

You can't fake passion, at least not for long, that's why we only tell stories we are passionate about and that enthusiasm usually catches fast!

At Throughline Tours we like to think that history is more than just a series of facts, it's human emotion buried by time and waiting to be uncovered. 


There's a cat in every window of the imagination 

Street art is more common than a housecat and easier to make hold still for a picture. Not every brick bungalow of south city settles for the mundane.   


When the sun goes down the mood comes up


The Grove neighborhood of St. Louis refers to itself as a "Bohemian paradise". It's a community built on food, drinks and fun. It hums during the day but the vibe kicks in at night. 

St. Louis is the birthplace of 
legends of all kinds

The Delmar Loop in U-city is where the street cars used to turn around. It's now home to one of the city's most vibrant and revitalized strips. The walk of fame holds dozens of St. Louisans who exploded in fame across the US including the father of rock'n roll, Chuck Berry. 

Words from Mouths

"The True Crime Stories Tour was fantastic. Some stories were entertaining, some were fascinating and everything was interesting. Tim was a great story teller, and we really liked his use of a tablet to show images to provide more context of the historical figures he talked about."

Artie Horn

"I'm in total agreement with the positive reviews about the Lafayette Square tour. Kudos to Tim for a job well done. He was able to answer all my questions on various subjects about the area and St. Louis in general. Two thumbs up and a definite recommendation from me."

Randy Dohack

"We had the pleasure of experiencing downtown St. Louis and Lafayette Square walking tours lead by Tim. His knowledge of the history and architecture of the area paired with his friendly deposition was a highlight of our visit!"

Mariela Newlin

"I took the downtown walking tour with my family. He was professional, friendly and accommodating. Tim worked with us so that we could bring our dog which made the overall experience pleasant. We had a great time."

Kelly Edler

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